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Durable, chrome-plated
steel sign holders are unbreakable and designed to last forever. Signage can be displayed single or double sided. They are available in all popular sign card sizes, both landscape and portrait in your choice of these configurations...

Comes with a 5" square base that allows the sign to stand securly under the weight of displayed merchandise.

Also with a 5" square base,
this allows the stem to be
adjusted from 14" to 24" for
optimal display of signage.

Sign holders can be set on top of merchandise or slid in between items on bulk displays to place signage where they'll be noticed.

Universal hanger hooks are compatible with wire bulk bins, gridwall displays and both wire and plastic shelf resers/fences.

Sturdy clamps put your signage right where it is needed, on the gondola shelf! These versatile sign holders are available to be displayed either parallel to the gondola shelf or at 90o to get your message out into the aisle!

Contact us for volume,
dealer and distributor pricing!

Bulletin Floor Sign Stands

Durable, chrome-plated
floor standing single sign
holder. Optional wire basket to display sale flyers also available.

Available in chrome or black
to display 22" x 28" (W x H) posters and chrome to display
14" x 22" (W x H) posters.

Signage can be displayed either single or double sided. Contact us regarding optional clear or
non-reflective overlays.

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dealer and distributor pricing!








Lightweight sign frames are durable and attractive. Frames
are available in four sizes in
black or white and can be
displayed either landscape
or portrait. 

A wide variety of accessories
allow you to interchange frames with mounting bases to create limitless display combinations!

Plastic sign frames are available
 in the following sizes in both
black and white!

5-1/2" x 7"
Opens on 7" side, can be displayed
 either portrait or landscape

7" x 11"
Opens on 11" side, can be displayed
either portrait or landscape

8-1/2" x 11"
Opens on 8-1/2" side, can be displayed
either portrait or landscape

11" x 14"
Opens on 14" side, can be displayed
either portrait or landscape

Available accessories include...

Stems and Stem Mounts
Fixed Stems
Telescopic Chrome Stem Poles
Stem Mounts

Single Stem Bases
For flat surfaces, bulk displays
with pre-drilled holes for
additional mounting options

Single Sign Frame Shovel Bases
For use with cartons, bulk
displays, counters, tables,
shelves and flat surfaces

Clip-On Stem Bases
For use with wire, glass and
plastic risers/fences and bins

Magnetic Bases
Securly holds sign frames to metal surfaces. Styles available to hold stems or sign frames alone. Ideal as a gondola or gas pump topper!

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dealer and distributor pricing!














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